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A deck is basically a flat surface that adjoins the house and is often elevated at higher levels from the ground. It is similar to a terrace but its floor is mostly made of wood and plastic. Actually, a deck is a wooden floor over a strong foundation that is capable of bearing weight. It is often enclosed in a railing for safety purposes and can be covered by a canopy or a pergola to control sunlight. These kinds of decks can be used in a number of ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses, and as an alternative to stone based features such as patios. Apart from that, these kinds of decks are ideal for a B.B.Q or great family dinners, in case suitable space is available, and in winters, the residents can enjoy the cool weather while sipping coffee, enjoying the winter view.


As mentioned earlier, the composition of a deck consists of a strong foundation and a flat surface over it made of wood or plastics that further connects to the house, outdoors and often at higher levels from the ground. Since being outdoors, the climate changes greatly affect the deck hence diminishing its beauty. The wooden floor can become scarped and it may start to look a bit worn. Rain might make the wood wet and when the Sun rises, it dries up the wooden floor leaving the wood splintered and cracked. Of course, the fate of the deck is inevitable so the least you can do is to get your deck resurfaced after an appropriate interval of time. Since the flat outer surface of the deck is much more exposed to the impromptu alterations of the weather, the lower part namely, the foundation of the whole assembly secures a longer lifespan as compared to the upper part i.e. the flat wooden floor.

Resurfacing your deck means to have it renewed with the help of different chemicals and tools in a way that it looks like a new one.

Few factors that show that deck resurfacing is better than replacing, are given below.

Resurfacing saves woods! The less people get their decks replaced, the less will be the erosion that follows therefore resulting in a better, unpolluted world. Although, replacing plays a very small role in this aspect but no matter how small, it is still a role nonetheless.


We have got to start from something, Why not from replacing decks?

Resurfacing your deck saves you a considerable amount of money as compared replacing it. Resurfacing includes the complete removal of stains, filling in the cracks and protecting the deck from further damage. Protective coatings help to keep the decks intact from sunlight and water etc. Whereas replacing the deck means changing the whole deck all over again. This makes the resurfacing process cheaper. Furthermore, the cheaper method i.e. the resurfacing of decks lasts longer than solid wooden planks as they are more affected by sunlight and water. The wooden planks after some time get splintered and cracks start to appear on them. This can cause a serious problem for households that have young family members. Kids might be playing bare-footed and it is possible for them to cut their feet from one of the cracks.


Resurfacing is also better than replacing your deck because this option provides you with a variety of deck colors to choose from. After you’ve cleaned the deck, filled in the cracks and leveled it, you can choose from a number of protective coatings, each with its own unique color. On the other hand, if you get your deck replaced, you will be provided only with a limited number of colors. Moreover, a person can get his deck coated with two or more different coatings hence introducing a new combination of colors to make it look more beautiful.

Another advantage of resurfacing your deck is that the coatings used over the wood are more resistant to UV radiations from the sun and water. Results show that these protective coatings are less affected from the UV rays than solid wood. Hence, they fade at a lesser rate. Same is the case with water. Wood gets damaged from water quickly but protective coatings don’t! So in a way, resurfacing not only protective coating not only provides you with a wide range of colors to choose from, it also guarantee to protect these colors from the impromptu alterations of weather.

Apart from trees and money, resurfacing a deck takes less time than building a new one. In fact it takes a fraction of the time used to replace the whole assembly. You can get your deck resurfaced in a few days (approx. 2-10) but building one, from scratch after demolishing the old one takes time! And as they say, “Time is money”. So don’t waste your precious time and your money on different deck textures but instead, get your deck resurfaced.

Hiring professionals to resurface your deck for you can prove beneficial for the homeowners, given the professionals are renowned in their field. It not only increases the value of your house, in case you might want to sell it, but also most renowned resurfacing companies like DeckMaxtor provide a 10 year guarantee for your deck. They assure that the deck, if maintained properly, won’t get out of shape for 10 years.


Deck Resurfacing vs Deck Replacing