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An Independent Review on DeckMaxtor

 A deck is a kind of a terrace. Often elevated from the ground, the foundation usually is situated outside the house with a flat wooden surface over it. This flat surface, endures all kinds of hardship regarding weather. This may cause the deck to get cracked and splintered at places. This cracked deck is either required to be replaced or get resurfaced. Resurfacing can be done at home but for best results, most people hire professionals to do it for them as they have more experience in the field and furthermore, they give a warranty of sometime which is not possible to attain if one resurfaces on his own accord.

 Established in 2008, Deck Maxtor is a company that specializes is the field of deck resurfacing and other similar fields. With its headquarters situated in Silver Spoon, Maryland, United States, this company delivers its services in the areas of Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Montgomery.

 A business without a website is like a (Business) man without a face! A man without a face has no mouth to tell you who he is, how to reach him, what times he is available, and what services or products he has to offer. His inability to communicate means that it will be hard to get to know him or to decide whether you can trust him. Contrary to that, a good website means a good business which eventually means a good respectable life for you and your children. Deck Maxtor is a company supported by a very efficient website. They have a well-organized website which is the main reason for online client attraction. Their contact number is given at numerous places over the website which somehow makes up the mind of a client to actually contact them. They have also given their exact location with the help of Google Maps to make it easier for clients to find their headquarters. Although this company is not yet recognized as one of the leading companies but they are pretty good for starters.

 Apart from resurfacing, this company also offers a lot of other services like Basement Waterproofing, Garage Builders, Contractors, Woodworking, Ceramic Tile, Deck Cleaning, Decks, Drywall, Fencing, Fireplaces, Flooring, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repair, Handyman Service, Hardwood Floor Repair, House Painters, Interior Painters, Pressure Washing, Basement Remodeling, Remodeling, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling, Sun rooms, Roofing, Siding, Pavers, Gravel, and Replacement Windows in Business. They have a very appealing website and anyone with a wish to get his deck resurfaced is bound to contact them if he ever comes across the website.

 They have written catchy quotes like, “We are your specialist for decks repair, deck restoration and deck cleaning, staining and resurfacing. At Deck Maxtor deck restoration repair pressure washing and resurfacing is our business. It's what we do (and we do a lot of it)” and “Let us give your old deck new life by replacing your old deck with a new low maintenance resurface.” Etc. This company gives a 10 year warranty and usually the products are expected to live up to it as said by one of the clients, “I called Deck Maxtor and immediately they answered the phone and 30mins later a representative showed up to my house and they did a great job for an excellent price, I’m very happy and I highly recommend it”.

 This shows the devotion and dedication of the employees of the company. They are punctual and efficient. Moreover, as the client says, they did a great job which means that the company is doing a good job in keeping the clients happy and at the same time maintaining their standard and quality.

 This company offers a free estimate, which is intriguing as the word “free” gains a lot of attention. Basically, a free estimate is telling the client, after of course doing a thorough survey of the place that is to be renovated, how much expense the work is going to take and what are his options and what must he do to get the most benefit while staying in his budget.

 Not only is their expert opinion free, on their website, they have agreed to resurface any deck, as long as it is eligible to be resurfaced, by paying only 70-75% of money that should have been lost if it had been replacing instead of resurfacing as the chosen option of the client.

 The company has divided the total work of deck resurfacing into three steps that are easy to follow and understand by a person who understands less about this deck business or is illiterate.

 These three steps are as follows:

Call us at1-888-287-9151 to set up an appointment for a free estimate with one of our Deck Maxtor Specialists.

  STEP 2
We schedule a date and time for our professional to meet with you to conduct a review of your deck and its condition. We will find out more about your main goals for a customized new deck within your budget.

The Deck Maxtor Professionals repair warped and rotted boards, bad rails and any area that needs repair from new screws to new deck boards, pressure washing, and resurfacing, Deck Maxtor does it all.

 In short, the company has worked with a wide variety of clients, all with a different, unique taste and most of them seem happy by their performance. Their extensive knowledge of the housing is matched by their commitment to helping the clients create their perfect home. In the light of al the above discussion, I think the company has put a real effort to their work and they should be given a chance to prove their worth.



Cost and Benefit Information

DeckMaxtor is committed to seeing your dream through to the end. With over 10 years of

experience in the industry, we can help you figure out what you can afford

and get you the advice you need throughout the process.

Resurfacing transforms your old worn out deck to a beautiful low maintenance deck at half the cost of deck replacement!  Plus, you get a ten year warranty! Don't REPLACE...REFACE!!!

That one is easy. Just look at our reviews on HomeAdvisor!  We are fast, efficient, economical, courteous, provide quality work...all from our long standing satisfied customers.

We aim to build a relationship..not just do our job.

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DeckMaxtor  provides a variety of services but our main focus is Deck Repair, Refinishing and Resurfacing. Contact us today at 301-830-8186 for superior workmanship, attention to detail, and fair pricing.  We look forward to earning your business

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For anyone from first-time home buyers, to longstanding homeowners, DeckMaxtor will make you comfortable with the process and ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of your refinished deck and our services. Please contact us to set up an appointment so we can discuss your individual needs and move forward in making your home into a dream home. See an INDEPENDENT REVIEW of DECKMAXTOR


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