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What does your service include? What do you do?

- Low power wash deck boards to a fresh, clean wood

- Permanently remove mildew stains (No More Mildew Issues)

 - Re-set nail pops

 - Remove Additional Splinters

 - Secure and/or replace loose or warped wood

 - Fill small cracks and other signs of aging

 - Seal with 2 coats of sealer in your choice of colors

 What is your warranty all about?

 No more yearly maintenance! We protect your deck up to  for TEN years!

 Do you charge for estimates?

 Absolutely Not! We will inspect your deck and give you a fair and accurate price and time estimate.

 How do I clean my new deck?

Soap and water. It's that simple!

How do you resurface my old deck and make it like a new deck?

 Deck is basically a flat surface that adjoins the house and is often elevated at higher levels from the ground. It is similar to a terrace but its floor is mostly made of wood and plastic. Actually, a deck is a wooden floor over a strong foundation that is capable of bearing weight. It is often enclosed in a railing for safety purposes and can be covered by a canopy or a pergola to control sunlight. These kinds of decks can be used in a number of ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses, and as an alternative to stone based features such as patios. Apart from that, these kinds of decks are ideal for a B.B.Q or great family dinners, in case suitable space is available. Also, in winters, the residents can enjoy the cool weather while sipping coffee and marveling the winter view.

 As mentioned earlier, the composition of a deck consists of a strong foundation and a flat surface over it made of wood or plastics that further connects to the house, outdoors and often at higher levels from the ground. Since being outdoors, the climate changes greatly affects the deck hence diminish its beauty. The wooden floor can become scarped and it may start to look a bit worn. Rain might make the wood wet and when the Sun rises, it dries up the wooden floor leaving the wood splintered and cracked. Of course, the fate of the deck is inevitable so the least you can do is to get your deck resurfaced after an appropriate interval of time. Since the flat outer surface of the deck is much more exposed to the impromptu alterations of the weather, the lower part namely, the foundation of the whole assembly secures a longer lifespan as compared to the upper part i.e. the flat wooden floor.

 The process that follows the resurfacing of an average deck is written below.

 Power-Washing the decking boards: The first step of renewing a worn-out deck is to give it a power-wash. Power-washing includes a mixture of water and air to be blown out of a pipe at an extremely high pressure. The pressure can be varied depending upon the situation as in this one, a pressure of 1500-2000 per square inch is suitable. Higher pressures may gouge the wood thus adding more damage to the wood. Apart from that, the tip of the power-washing machine is preferred to be moderately wide. The 15 degree yellow or the 25 degree green that are easily available anywhere are the best ones to power-wash a deck.

Drying: Evident from the heading, let the deck dry for a day or two. Hammer in any screw or nail that is sticking out of the board. If the nail or a screw doesn’t stay down, take it out and bore a 3-inch decking screw about an inch away from the hole.

 Patching: The cracked wood is filled with a two-part epoxy wood filler. Either use a transparent filler or the one that matches the wood color. After mixing the two parts of the epoxy filler, fill the cracks but make sure to scrape off as much excessive filler from the wooden floor since the filler doesn’t sand off easily once it is dried. Furthermore, if a board is in a very bad shape, use a pry bar to pry it open and place it back inverted. The back should probably in a much better condition. Look for rots though. If the board is rotten at several places, it is better to replace the board. Make sure you apply the wood filler on the inverted board too.

 Sanding: Since you have power washed the deck, there shouldn’t be any finishing left. Use a suitable sand paper and smooth the wooden floor. Suave any splinters jutting out and make the floor even and leveled. An 80-grit sand-paper might be suitable to use on the wooden floor.

Vacuuming the dust: After getting the most out of the 80-grit sand paper, use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust produced by scrubbing the sand paper over the wooden floor. It may be easier to clear the dust off by a leaf blower but make sure no neighbors are being affected by this act. You can also use a wet towel or a sweeper to clean the remaining dust afterwards. After that, use another sand paper, a rather finer one, preferably a 100-grit sand paper, and again rub it all over the floor in an attempt to make it even smoother than before.

 Finishing: Once again, get rid of the dust produced by using the sand paper again using a vacuum or a leaf blower as desired. Then comes the finishing process. Finish the wooden floor with a protective coating. If the sun gets a lot of sun then it would be better to use a semi-transparent coating so as to make it last longer. On the other hand, if the deck is more exposed to rainfall or water, a water resisting coating should be used. Outdoor carpets are also an excellent option as long as the protection of the deck is concerned but before doing so, you should first cover the deck with something that is resistant to water because water dries up slow when absorbed by a carpet thus acquiring more time to do as much harm as it can to the floor. Plastic or silicon sheets seem a good option for that purpose



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