​​About DeckMaxtor

We are a local Deck & Porch Repair Company,  Restoration Pressure washing and Resurfacing company in the Chevy Chase MD area, serving all area of Maryland  Virginia. Washington,DC

Dedicated to serving our community, we offer unparalleled service,  and exceptional quality ...just ask our clients!

We Specialize in making your worn, aged deck look brand new for70 % Less  the cost of replacement

Deck Repair

Bowie,MD Deck Repair>>Deck Pressure Washing>>Deck Staining,Painting,Restoration & Resurfacing

Deck Staining & Resurfacing

 Let DeckMaxtor start the process by repairing chips, cracks and other problem areas of your deck .

We will remove damaged areas and replace only the parts that are unsafe to continue using and walking on, rather than the entire deck.

This saves you time and money right away!

Phone: 1-888-287-9151  |  Local 301-830-8186

​​​Welcome to Deckmaxtor

Deck & Porch Repair

 Deck Restoration , Deck Repair , Pressure Washing and Deck Resurfacing is our business.

Let us give your old deck new life by repair,pressure washing, staining,restoration or resurfacing with a new low maintenance resurfacing.

Our products are guaranteed up to for ten years, so with our competitive rates and unsurpassed service, we're saving you time and money!

We are a Professional licensed Deck & Porch Repair Company in the Chevy Chase MD area.

 No More Splinter ,Cracking, Warping or Fading   We protect you deck up to 10 Years !

Deck Pressure Washing

 Eliminates splinters, cracks
  Fixes warping and splitting

  Ultimate safety upgrade
  Dozens of designer color options

  Boost home appearance dramatically

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Deck Pressure Washing system safely removes dirt,  pollution, mold, mildew and stains. We clean and protect your home surfaces including: aluminum, vinyl, steel, painted and unpainted wood siding, brick, stone, decks, driveways, patios and garage floors

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